What Our Clients Say

Villa Vesta

I first met Bettina some 8 years ago frantically finishing a client's villa off ready for hand over! She was very excited and keen on the detail right down to the cushions and bed linen!

We then met later that year and Bettina took me to a plot of land she and bought and got permission to develop in what is now my families Italian home, it's fantastic and our children love it. Bettina and I spent time designing, planning and laying out the site. She understood my needs and clearly wanted to build a villa fit for purpose.

We started building early in 2005 after agreeing a full turn-key (start to finish) price including all kitchen appliances, towels, bed linen and cutlery. This gave me piece of mind and made my life easier to plan both in terms of visiting site during construction and financially. The whole process from deciding where we were going to build, to completion was a very pleasant experience; Bettina's knowledge of Italian building law and the maze of paperwork is exceptional allowing the building experience to be the pleasure it was.

Bettina is understanding, professional and easy to work with; taking on board the client's needs whilst getting the best out of her builders.

The villa was completed in the July 2007 and we have had 5 years of fantastic fun. Bettina now looks after it for us – the meet and greet, organising the cleaning, welcome packs (food for guests) to the maintenance of all aspects around the villa. Bettina is now a family friend and when in England she comes and stays with us. Halley & Sarah

Contrada Grieco

bett-5I came across Bettina Marksteiner's work by chance, but am very glad I did. She is not only a brilliant architect and an inspired designer, she's also a delight to work with. She is always efficient, responsive, and straightforward.

She is extremely knowledgeable about the complexities of the Italian system, without which expertise it would be quite impossible to build a house in Puglia. And on top of all this she is a very 'simpatica' companion on the journey that's involved in a project like this.

We have always thought how fortunate my wife & I were to have met Bettina Marksteiner during our search for a property in Puglia.
Philip & Katherina

Villa Rifugio

39 immagine044Bettina instinctively understood what we were seeking. Her love of the area and pride in the properties she had already rebuilt/modernized were impressive and showed us her design capabilities.

Much to Bettina's surprise we immediately decided to purchase dependent on planning permission a plot she had recently purchased. She produced a very comprehensive Schedule for Purchase & Funds showing amounts, stages of purchase/building and time scale. Bettina was also very helpful with the various Italian legal requirements.

We signed the Rogito in March 2005 and we soon received plans which required no alterations as Bettina had obviously listened to our ideas as well as incorporating her contemporary design. Planning permission soon followed and she continued to keep us informed as to the progress of the build.
We took possession of the house in May 2006 & it surpassed our expectations in every regard.

Bettina has huge experience in developing property in Puglia and together with her artistic imagination and her ability to integrate modern building techniques makes her houses unique in terms of quality & design. Bettina has arranged a complete house management for us in a very thorough & professional manner.
Over the years all our dealings with Bettina, it has always been her strong personality and good humor that has always made it a pleasure to do business with her!
Paul & Jackie

Contrada Formicola (and two others)

PROSPETTI-2Stefan & Nicola
„Wir haben Bettina Marksteiner 2008 kennengelernt, nachdem wir bei Ostuni einen Trullo gekauft hatten. Was uns fehlte, war jemand, der sich um Inneneinrichtung und die gesamte Gestaltung des Außenbereichs kümmert. Dies von Deutschland aus zu organisieren, wäre unmöglich gewesen. Das übernahm Bettina. Sie überzeugte uns nicht nur mit ihrem sicheren Gespür für gutes Design und ihren hohen Qualitätsansprüchen, sondern auch damit, dass wir uns bei ihr in absolut sicheren Händen fühlen konnten.

Sie managte mit ihrem Team den Einbau gemauerter Möbel, einer Küche samt Geräten, entwarf, plante und baute mit ihrer Mannschaft ein Außenwohnzimmer, eine Außenküche und einen traumhaften Infinity-Pool mit Beaches. Und das alles in Rekordzeit. Ihr Gärtner kümmerte sich liebevoll um die dazugehörenden Grünanlagen, Bettina besorgte Bettwäsche, Handtücher, Besteck, Geschirr usw. Wir mussten nur noch anreisen und Urlaub machen.

Inzwischen haben wir im Valle d'Itria über Bettina ein weiteres Grundstück gekauft, um dort von ihr ein Haus zur Vermietung bauen zu lassen. Vorvertrag, Notarsakt, Bauantrag in Zusammenarbeit mit einem Geometer – Bettina kümmert sich um alles und sie wird auch die Verwaltung des Objekts inkl. Gästeempfang, Poolservice, Reinigung, Garten, Steuerangelegenheiten etc. für uns übernehmen. Fazit: Wer in Süditalien im herrlichen Apulien schlüsselfertig bauen will, ohne schlaflose Nächte zu riskieren, kann keinen besseren Griff tun als Bettina Marksteiner!"
Stefan und Nicola Felbinger, München

"We met Bettina Marksteiner 2008, after we had bought a Trullo in Ostuni. What we lacked was someone who cares about interior design and the overall design of the exterior. This organizing this from Germany would have been impossible. It took Bettina. She impressed us not only with her keen sense of good design and its high quality standards, but also so that we felt in safe hands with her.

Her team built the brick furniture, the kitchen with appliances, designed, planned and built an outdoor living room, an outdoor kitchen and a stunning infinity pool with Beaches. And all this in record time. Your gardener cared lovingly for the associated green spaces, Bettina got bedding, towels, cutlery, crockery etc. We only had yet to arrive and take a vacation.

Meanwhile, we had bought in Itria over Bettina another site in order to allow building of a house for her to rent out. Preliminary planning application in cooperation with a surveyor – Bettina takes care of everything and it is also the management of the object including guest reception, pool service, cleaning, gardening, tax issues, etc. Conclusion: If you want to build a turnkey project in southern Italy in the beautiful Apulia without risking sleepless nights, can do no better than using Bettina Marksteiner!"

Stefan and Nicola Felbinger, Munich